Power BI Semantic Layer: 10-Day Implementation

Fresh BI

An engagement to design, build, and deploy the Semantic Data Layer for your Power BI implementation.

The Semantic Data Layer is your organization-wide center of intelligence. It extracts and transforms your data into the exact business logic needed by your organization, and gets it ready for loading into Power BI, Excel, or any other BI delivery mechanism.

One of the biggest challenges, especially in growth organizations, is obtaining access to centralized data that is well prepared and meaningful and that is easily accessible to all players at all levels.

This offer readies your data for Power BI to deliver meaningful, mobile analytics to your whole organization, anywhere and anytime. We will leverage the Microsoft Cloud Data Platform as a centralized data source for Power BI.

We'll engage with your team through 2 conference calls plus data access, which will result in a semantic layer that is approximately 70% complete. We then visit your team in-person and spend about 2 days finalizing the design and delivering the end product.


In this offering we design, build, and deploy your Semantic Layer, which includes the following:

  • A documented design incorporating best practices for the configuration and deployment of Azure Analysis Services.
  • Configuration and Deployment of Azure Analysis Services.
  • Creation of a Minimum Viable Data Model in Azure Analysis Services, giving your organization a trusted source of data that is centered around the business logic specific to your business.


  • We take a 3 step approach: Categorize, Centralize, Stabilize. The outcome is guaranteed success with achieving one version of the truth across the organization.
  • FreshBI has priced this solution without prior knowledge of the nature of the engagement. FreshBI retains the right to decline this project after reviewing the specifics.

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