GG Power Automate Piloting business scenario: 2 weeks

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We designed this offer for our customers to understand how Microsoft Power Automate works and how RPA tools can be used to automate your business processes through piloting real business scenario

Robotic process automation is a key to profitability. Your employees have to perform countless repetitive manual tasks that continually absorb their time and efficiency. The potential for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to eliminate mundane, repetitive tasks so employees can focus on higher-value deliverables is undeniable. We have the experience and expertise to show you how RPA and automation can modernize your business, empower your employees, and boost profitability. As a result of these 2 weeks, we will analyze existing infrastructure and choose business processes which can be automated to reduce manual tasks. We will design and configure Power Automate workflow with Attending/Unattending RPA together with you. You can apply all knowledge to develop existing workflow in future and generate new Power Automate ideas across organization.


Week 1:
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Analyzing customer’s infrastructure
  • Evaluating relevant business scenario
  • Solution design
  • Preparing and deploying Power Automate Desktop
    • Week 2:
      • Power Automate Robot development
      • Solution presentation and feedback gathering
      • Exporting to customer’s environment
      • Adding unattended mode (if necessary)
        • Deliverables

          • List of identified manual business process which can be automated by Power Automate
          • Proof of concept for 1 business process with RPA
          • Training and knowledge sharing
          • Solution architecture diagram

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