PowerApps Project Accelerator:5-Day Implementation

GLMS Australia Pty Ltd

Project Accelerator Implementation and customisation

Project Accelerator Implementation and extension

The Project Power App Accelerator is a pre configured power app solution that extends Microsoft Project for the web (Plan 1) to provide an end-to-end project management solution. While this accelerator provides a good base to get you started with a good project management solution based on project for the web. GLMS's consulting offer will help organisations extend their investment in Project for the web by implementing the Project Power App Accelerator and extend its existing entities it to suit your needs.

GLMS Consultants will

  • Conduct quick short workshops
  • Install the Power App solution Project Accelerator in your Power Apps Environment
  • Configure the Microsoft Power App solution to capture Ideas, Projects, Programs, Risks, Issues etc in lines with your requirements.
  • Deploy a standard Microsoft PowerBI reporting Pack and embed it within the Power App solution

With this 1 wk consulting service Organisations can quickly have a business solution that is simple and intuitive providing them with

  • Visibility across projects managed via Microsoft’s Project Plan 1
  • Visibility of resource allocations across projects via Power BI Reporting
  • Simple Intuitive interface to capture Risks and Issues.
  • Users will be able to easily update and manage Project information and status updates.

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