Dynamics 365 CRM applications audit: See Results in Just 2-Weeks


Dynamics 365 CRM Mini Audit is a focused assessment designed to align your CRM solution with Microsoft and GO-ERP best practices

Customer Value Proposition:

Our Dynamics 365 CRM Mini Audit is a focused assessment designed to align your CRM solution with Microsoft and GO-ERP best practices. We address critical issues, optimize database capacity, and enhance data accuracy in a streamlined format. With expert insights, actionable recommendations, and quality control measures, we empower businesses to make targeted improvements to their CRM system.

Connection to Microsoft Products:

Benefiting from Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Microsoft 365, our service ensures seamless integration and compatibility within Microsoft's ecosystem. This synergy amplifies your CRM solution, enhancing productivity and efficiency across your organization.

Pricing Structure:

CRM mini audit service is free. We deliver insights and provide transparent, clear estimations for specific improvements. You have the flexibility to choose the enhancements that best suit your business needs.

Deliverables and Outcomes:

Identification of top CRM system issues Recommendations for data accuracy enhancement and system performance optimization Insights into configurations and customizations Identification of system malfunctions with suggested resolutions Database capacity optimization suggestions Tailored recommendations for system enhancement

Workshop topics:

Customer-led Presentation of Business Processes and Requirements Aligning business objectives and desired outcomes Exploring current CRM challenges and pain points Reviewing existing system customizations and configurations Addressing concerns regarding data accuracy and quality Establishing speed and performance expectations

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