Supplies Order Form – Pick your flavor: 3 weeks to implementation

Heartland Business Systems, LLC

Provides a way to streamline your internal requests for items, such as office supplies, branded materials, marketing materials, product samples etc.

This solution gives users a “shopping cart” like experience where they can view and select from options you pre-determine. It utilizes SharePoint Online, Power Apps, and Power Automate.

HBS offers several options on ways to allow employees to request supplies, marketing materials, samples, etc. These options vary slightly in how information is collected and how the items available for selection are displayed to the end user. All options include: Ability for users to select items they want from a client-defined list of available items; Ability to set quantity maximums on user selections; Users can review their list of items (or “shopping cart”) before they complete the order; Ability to prompt user for overall order information (whom the request is for, where to ship to, etc.); Once submitted, a workflow will notify a specified mailbox that a new order was added; The app has the flexibility to be customized to meet particular client needs; Implementation includes training of the team that will maintain the app as well as support hours;

In-scope services include: PLANNING: Licensing assistance, three planning meetings to determine how to integrate the app into your current SharePoint Online environment DEVELOPMENT: 10 hours of SharePoint Online site setup, Canvas App and Power Automate Build

Price is based on scope of work.

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