Minsait's Value Proposition on Dynamics 365 CE: 1 day assessment


In this proposal, we demonstrate the differential value that Minsait offers in the implementation of Dynamics 365 projects.

In Minsait we have develop 4 lines of offering which we consider that cover all the challenges that businesses actually have in Customer Engagement, providing solutions in the technological, strategic and methodological fields to our clients. These solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 products which, with the Minsait Experience, have resulted in:

  • Success Sales: We help companies build relationships at scale and make decisions based on the value of data
  • CX Marketing: We combine creativity, innovation and technology to turn leads into business relationships
  • Smart Field Service: We enable teams to be more efficient with proactive, connected field service to achieve maximum customer satisfaction
  • Seamless Customer Service: We drive intelligent interactions that improve experience, customer satisfaction and foster loyalty and retention

During this session, we will demostrate the capabilities of the Dynamics 365 platform and our specialized team, approaching the session based on the client's needs and focusing on improving customer experience, reducing costs and applying intelligence in decision making. The goal throughout the session is to be able to have an open conversation about your concerns so that we can acquire a minimun knowledge about your business, figuring out pain points and proposing solutions.

At the end of the session we will ensure that you get a document of our value proposal and, if it is believed that we can add more value to your business, we can establish next steps to work with Minsait.

You can find a .pdf with our complete offer of the service in the tab of "Additional information" section "Links".

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