Power Apps with analytics: 8 Wk. Implementation

Inservit LLC

Modernize processes and address all aspects of business with Power Apps and Predictive Analytics.

Making smart apps affordable and accessible at fingertips!

Practice/solution offered

  Rapid Development with low code scalable app
  • Secure, scalable, intelligent and integrated solutions with lower development costs.
  • End-to-end custom solution or bridge with line-of-business apps.
  Predictive analytics
  • Smarter tools = greater results.
  • ML backed solutions - prediction, recommendations...
  Business Insights & Integration
  • Drive business results, expand sales and marketing reach, get holistic view of the company, streamline process and integrate with partners via Business Insights.
  Connected Commerce
  • Custom tailored solutions to meet (and exceed) expectations by offering Omni channel experience. Provide integrated shopping experience that allows transactions to occur anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
  Digital Selling & Personalize Customer Experience
  • Apps to help with digital selling journey by understanding customers, staying connected, and building meaning relationships and adapting to rapid changes.
   Process Automation
  • Ease management with process automation via AI builder and other associated array of Power Apps tools.
  • Integration with auto/custom models for advanced and/or custom analytics.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365, Share Point.

Proof of Concept: Execution Plan

   Please refer the document "Info: Execution plan" in section "Additional Information".

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