Power Platform Admin & Governance COE Starter Kit: 4-wk Implementation


Get started managing, monitoring, and adopting the Microsoft Power Platform at scale.

As organizations increasingly embrace the Microsoft Power Platform to empower their workforce and drive digital transformation, the need for robust administration and governance becomes paramount. Introducing FPT’s Power Platform Admin & Governance COE program, designed to elevate your Power Platform adoption maturity and ensure efficient and controlled growth.​

The CoE Starter Kit is a collection of components and tools, built on the Power Platform itself, by Microsoft. Designed to help you get started developing a strategy for managing, monitoring, and adopting the Microsoft Power Platform at scale, the CoE will help your organization get a handle on the following critical items and more:​

  • Provide Insights and Governance to manage Power Platform at scale​
  • Awareness and control of premium connector and Dataverse usage​
  • Compliance and Data Loss Protection (DLP)​
  • Enable your business users and low-code/no-code developers to become digital transformation change agents​

Our Approach Includes: Week 1 – Plan and Deploy Power Platform COE Starter Kit​

  • Project Kickoff / Stakeholder Alignment ​
  • Planning Workshop to define CoE Goals & Objectives (2-hour workshop)​
  • Power Platform Overview (2-hour workshop)​
  • Power Platform COE Starter Kit Overview (2-hour workshop)​
  • Deploy Power Platform CoE Starter Kit in your environment (Remainder of Week 1)​

​Week 2 – Week 3​

  • Monitor CoE during initialization and inventorying phase​
  • Configure and continue monitoring​
  • Preliminary review of environment and initial findings​
Week 4​
  • Findings and Recommendations​
  • Prioritized Next Steps​
    • Environment Cleanup (Apps, Flows, Environments)​
    • Customized Monitoring & Alerting​
    • Governance implementation​
    • Enterprise Application Platform Enablement​
    • Citizen Developer Enablement​

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