Qlik Migration to Power BI: 1-Day Assessment

Inviso Corporation

This offering is designed to give you a cost/benefit analysis of migrating from a QlikView reporting platform to Power BI.

One of our experts will work with you to review your existing BI assets on QlikView reporting platform and other reporting sources.


At the conclusion of the assessment you will receive the following:

  • Cost of using Power BI in your organization
  • Identified opportunities for improvement or simplification
  • Roadmap for migrating to Power BI with recommended next steps
  • Analysis of feature gaps or workarounds

Our Expertise

We’re concentrated on Microsoft-based technologies and like to leverage the latest and greatest Azure-based tools and services. However, we start every engagement with an infrastructure assessment and always defer to the most cost-conscious technology and licensing options that make sense for you. We leverage existing tools such as the Microsoft Power Platform to deliver low/no-code solutions. When existing tools don’t meet your needs, we have expertise in the full Microsoft BI stack and are fluent in a wide variety of coding languages enabling us to deliver fully customized solutions. Our Analysts go beyond capturing requirements and delivering solutions according to spec. We collaborate closely with business stakeholders throughout each project to ensure that everything we deliver includes meaningful business value and measurable ROI. In addition to our technical expertise we have an incredibly talented Creative team capable of designing beautiful and thoughtful user experiences. Please visit our website for more information:


This Assessment offering is fully funded by Microsoft investments in supporting customers’ successful adoption of Power BI. During a discovery call we will confirm your specific requirements and objectives and, with you permission, work to secure the appropriate funding on your behalf. As with all Microsoft investments, they are available on a first come, first serve basis.

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