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DAX, M, Power Query Adv Training: 1-Day Workshop

IronEdge Group

Get your team to the next level with advanced DAX, M, and Power Query training through one-on-one, hands-on, professional interaction.

IronEdge will design and execute an in-person, group training for up to 20 people. The focus will be on Microsoft Power BI advanced scripting and customization based on specific client needs.


Power BI Lab - Hands-on, laptop driven workshop facilitated by IronEdge team

Advanced DAX and Power Query M Training

Prerequisites and basic training

  • Attendees will need a solid grasp of Power BI Desktop's basic functionality
  • We can provide full basic training "Dashboard in a Day" or short-session refreshers

Data Modeling

  • Overview and purpose
  • Facts and dimensions
  • Relationship direction and cardinality
  • Associative entities ("many-to-many" relationships)
  • Preparing for row-level security

Power Query "M" and the Query Editor

  • Data cleanup and transformation
  • Pulling structured and unstructured data from Excel spreadsheets, application exports, and websites
  • Connecting to relational databases, such as SQL Server, MySQL, SAP HANA, and Oracle
  • Creating your own dimensions from flat-file data
  • Common operators and functions
  • Creating your own custom functions
  • Leveraging data from document-oriented sources (e.g. JSON and XML)
  • Mashing up data from different sources


  • Relational measures and calculations
  • When to use calculated columns vs measures
  • Leveraging quick measures
  • Time intelligence patterns on calendar periods and fiscal periods
  • Implementing row-level security

Bring Your Own Data (BYOD)

  • After the scheduled content, attendees will get the chance to have 1-on1 time (as time and availability permits) with trainers to review their use cases and issues


IronEdge will work to understand what the specific needs of the client are and craft a unique, structured training. The training will consist of advanced functionality and scripting specific to the needs of the client, instructor lead lab, hands-on workshop, and a “Bring Your Own Data” experience. IronEdge will provide a 1:10 instructor to student ratio.