Microsoft 365 Cloud Security Readiness: 3-Wk Assessment

KiZAN Technologies

Leverage Microsoft secure scores to evaluate and improve an organization's security posture, providing insights, recommendations, and mitigations to enhance overall security defenses.

IT security is the top priority of most organizations.

Securing data, monitoring potential threats, and protecting intellectual property can be a daunting task for over-extended IT departments. KiZAN experts will show you how to gain valuable insights into your current security posture, proactively identify and address vulnerabilities, and strengthen your overall security defenses. By leveraging the power of Microsoft's secure scores, we ensure that your organization's cloud environment is resilient, protected, and prepared to tackle evolving cybersecurity challenges.

Through this assessment, we evaluate your organization's utilization of Microsoft 365's cloud security features and analyze its effectiveness in protecting your critical data and systems. By utilizing secure scores, we can quantitatively measure your security posture, benchmark it against industry standards, and identify potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses.


Secure Score benefits include
  • Better understand Microsoft capabilities and use cases
  • Map organizational needs to Microsoft 365 solutions
  • Align with security best practices and industry standards

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