CFO BI reporting 3 Day Workshop


In a data driven world, it is crucial to have an ongoing access to the key financial metrics. During the workshops, you will learn how Power Platform applications can enhance your Finance operations.

During the workshops organized by KPMG Data Intelligence Solutions team you will learn how to leverage Power Platform capabilities in order to:
• Calculate most critical financial KPIs related to the financial area, including working capital, cash conversion cycle as well as receivables, inventory and payables performance,
• Investigate the root causes of anomalies using drill down and drill through functionalities to the level of a single transactional line,
• Simulate changes in key components of the financial metrics,
• Enhance the finance processes through automation and notifications,
• Prepare intuitive, user friendly dashboards and reports,
• Understand the significance of data transparency and consistence of metrics calculation,
• Understand self-service and corporate BI concept.

Workshop’s agenda: DAY 1
1. Introduction: Get to know KPMG Data Intelligence Solutions. (estimated time: 0.5h)
2. Presentation of the PowerDive Working Capital/i> tool (3h):
• How it can benefit organization’s cash conversion management,
• Overview of the tool’s KPIs and metrics,
• Demo and presentation of core Power BI functionalities.
3. Enhancing finance processes through automation – real life scenarios leveraging Power Platform capabilities (3h):
• Budgeting,
• Dunning process,
• Internal communication tools.
4. How to get started with Power Platform: flexible licensing schemes and cost estimation (1h)
5. QA Session (0.5h)
DAY 2 & 3
Implementation of a Proof of Concept from PowerDive Working Capital solution (16h):
• Preparation of the data sources (flat files and file exports from internal ERP systems),
• Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) steps, introduction to the Common Data Model
• Presentation of the finished report in the Power BI Service
• Mobile functionalities: presentation of the report on portable devices.

Visão geral