Deployment Advisor - 1 Week Implementation

LTIMindtree Limited

This tool helps to optimize efforts of Developers/Citizen Developers to compare Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions placed in different environments in a smarter and quicker way.

Smarter, Quicker & Advisor

We have multiple instances (test instance and Production instance) of Dynamic CRM in our organization for dynamics 365 modules such as Lead management , Sales tracking. Due to some reasons, all the Sales Modules environments are not in sync (some customizations usually go missing in test environments). We play with Dynamics CRM solutions and move them from one environment to another environment.

Solution contains numerous components, if anything is missed it will affect solution' s health in higher environment and there will be direct impact on live functionality of the Sales business process flow without any feedback which then impacts the customer.

This tool helps citizen developers/any hard core developer to compare Dynamics CRM organization and produces result which helps to count number of components in both environments, types of components, components properties etc. This helps end user to understand the difference between solutions of 2 different organizations within span of a time.

Currently, in the market we don't have such tool which will compare components of Sales solutions of different originations componentize. This will always save time during development and deployment of solution and will also improve quality of solution. This is helpful if in case if we lose track of customizations, instances will not be in sync with each other. It can help business Predict and stop issues which might impact revenue fluctuations and affect areas of focus from top to bottom of the funnel. If you want to compare different instances or check whether they are in sync or not, then this tool will provide you the best possible solutions.

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