Dynamics 365: 4-Week Assessment

MAQ Software

Bring new power to your out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 capabilities

During our 4-week assessment, we will dive deep into your Dynamics 365 environment, enabling you to optimize your business capabilities using custom plugins and Power Automate. Plugins/Power Automate helps in implementing the complex business requirement with no manual intervention. It helps in connecting to external systems, sending emails, Data verse table actions (create, update, delete, share, associate and disassociate) based on business scenarios. After our assessment, your organization will be able to automate routine processes, expand capabilities, and connect external platforms to significantly improve the way your teams work.

MAQ Software is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Preferred Supplier for data and cloud platforms. In our hundreds of Dynamics 365 implementations, we have used plugins and Power Automate to enable our Fortune 500 clients to bring new power to their out-of-the-box capabilities.

Who Should Join?

  • IT Leadership
  • Project Managers
  • Technical Architects


  • Week 1:
    We will review your business requirements and existing Dynamics 365 environment to identify areas of opportunity.
  • Week 2: We will propose a solution that uses custom plugins and/or Power Automate.
  • Week 3: We will adjust the solution proposal based on feedback from your organization and feasibility analysis. When complete, we will walk you through the updates.
  • Week 4: We will finalize the solution proposal and hand over deliverables.


At the end of our assessment, you will receive a detailed assessment document that includes:

  • A review of your business requirements
  • Areas of opportunity
  • Custom solution proposal

NOTE: This service involves low to medium complex business logic

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