Migration to Unified Interface: 2-Day Assessment

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Get a head start on your migration to Unified Interface in Dynamics365

Unified Interface is the new presentation interface (and soon to be only) for all applications in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, replacing the legacy web interface. It uses responsive web design principles to provide an optimal experience for any size device and screen. From December 1, 2020, the legacy web interface won’t be available and organizations will be automatically transitioned to the Unified Interface, but we can help you plan the migration better to make the most out of it while ensuring business continuity.

During our two-day assessment, we will analyze your existing implementation against best practices, identify potential issues and replacements for deprecated features, and help you envision the business impact of integrating new, exclusive Unified Interface features like custom controls, interactive dashboards, focused apps, and a reference panel.


  • Explain Unified Interface features and the migration process
  • Understand business domain and analyze existing implementation against best practices
  • Identify potential issues that may occur during the migration and any replacements for deprecated features
  • Discuss how to integrate Unified Interface exclusive functionalities to best suit your organization


  • Migration plan
  • Timeline report
  • Recommendations to enhance existing functionality with latest Dynamics 365 offering

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