Tenant-to-Tenant Migration: 4 Week Implementation

Mismo Systems LLP

Want a smooth office 365 migration and transition? Mismo System can help with expert consulting and implementation


Tenant to tenant migrations (From one Microsoft 365 account to another) arises from a variety of business scenarios, the main ones being Mergers or acquisitions, Divestitures, Geographical relocations, Tenant name changes. Let Mismo Systems take care of such needs with its rich experience and expertise over such migration cultivated over the years.

Mismo systems’ approach to migration:


  • Draft Project Plan
  • Assessment and documentation of current environment
  • Assessment and documentation of business requirements
  • Define users and support communication plan
  • Finalize Project Plan


  • Planning and designing the service in scope
  • Planning the migration strategy for Emails, OneDrive, SharePoint, Groups and Teams
  • Planning the Identity management - AD Integration and AD Sync strategy
  • Planning test Cases and Roll back
  • Planning user and stakeholder communication
  • Planning the user management and support
  • Identify risks, issues, and dependencies
  • Drafting runbook for execution
  • Design Review and Sign Off


  • Configuration of services as per design
  • Configuration of migration tool
  • Setting up test/pilot environment
  • Perform the test/pilot
  • Execute Test Cases


  • Users and Stakeholders communication
  • Organization wide migration
  • User training and support


  • Documentation and Handover to Operations team
  • IT support/Admin training


  • The Mentioned cost is for implementation only and can vary depending upon the business requirement, cost of migration tools will be separate
  • Mismo systems provides Workplace management services which a customer can avail and is not included in this cost
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