MDM Migration Plan: 1-week Assessment

Mobile Mentor

MDM Migration is an assessment and planning service that guides your move to Intune.

We assess your current MDM, identify gaps and dependencies, and create a tailored migration plan to Microsoft Intune. You will receive a deployment roadmap, timeline and best practice guide for user communication.

Migrating to a new MDM requires that you reconsider your security policies, device management profiles and compliance rules. You also need to consider the impact to your employees and contractors.

A bad migration may wipe all data from your employees’ devices or may require your employees to manually enroll into a new device. A poor migration experience will frustrate users and waste time.

A good migration plan will ensure you are successful.

Our proven process to get you migrated to Intune:

  1. Discovery Workshop to understand your use cases and review your security policies, device profiles and compliance rules
  2. Migration Plan with deployment roadmap, timeline and best practices for user communication
  3. Planning Workshop to discuss the draft plan, dive into technical issues and map out the first phase in detail.

Successful migrations to Intune start with a solid plan that anticipates the impact your employees and ensures there are no surprises.

The result will be improved security and a better user experience.

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