Modern Work Assessment: 1-day Assessment

Mobile Mentor

Mobile Mentor's Modern Work Assessment examines the balance between Endpoint Security and Employee Experience by using Microsoft 365.

You want to improve security in your company. You could implement more security policies and controls, but you know that every policy change will impact your employees!

How are you going to balance your company’s need for more security with your employees need for more productivity?

Mobile Mentor provides a framework to current and future clients called the Modern Work Assessment. Through this free, one-hour assessment, Mobile Mentor provides an objective assessment of both endpoint security and employee experience.

Get started today so you can proceed with confidence and improve your endpoint security AND employee experience. With the Modern Work Assessment, you will get:

An objective assessment of endpoint security & employee experience An Understanding of strengths and weaknesses relative to best practice A clear set of priorities in a consumable report to share with business stakeholders 

Our process is simple:

  1. We conduct a one-hour assessment with your IT team
  2. We compile a report with our findings and recommendations
  3. We debrief with you on priorities, advice and next steps

Mobile Mentor is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and our engineers are Microsoft certified. You are in safe hands.

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