Power Application In A Day: 8-Hr Workshop

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Power Apps training In A Day - Explore the boundaries

Introduction: How Power Apps will change the IT World - technology overview

Key Points: Microsoft Dataverse - More than Database as a service Canvas App - Build an usable application with 3 data sources in 10 minutes Model-Driven App - Enterprise ready app with no programming skills Power Automate - process automation in easy steps Power BI - Unlock your business hidden values

Workshop agenda

1.Creating a test environment for every participant and preparation advices 2. Canvas App - what is this? 2.1 Creating a Canvas App from data source (data base , file of other software) 2.2 Modifying Canvas App interface , logic, sources and requisites 2.3 Using Canvas App Versioning and sharing features with other users 2.4 Templates, connectors and ETC 2.5 Licensing and pricing 2.6 Q&A

3.Model Driven App - explore the second level 3.1 Creating Data model and Model Driven App for it 3.2 Creating views, forms, fields, charts and dashboards for Model-Driven Power App 3.3 Managing data processes in Model Driven Power App 3.4 Licensing and Pricing 3.5 Q&A

4.Power Automate - how we can save resources, energy and time 4.1 Basic Flows and Flow Concept 4.2 Triggers, connectors , logic and stuff 4.3 Up in the Sky - logical programming, variables , conditions 4.4 Licensing and Pricing 4.5 Q&A

5.Power BI - How the small tool can do amazing things 5.1 Working with Power BI Desktop and concept explanation 5.2 Creating data model and data pillars 5.3 - Deep in the Data - more options and features 5.4 Licensing and Pricing 5.5 Q&A

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