Rapidly Build Apps-pilot -4 hrs briefing

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Rapidly build your first apps with just few hours of proactive training

Rapidly build your first apps with just a few hours of proactive training Introduction: Learn how to create your first app and start an amazing journey to a new era

Key Points: Create your own App with the assistance of lecturing specialist who will guide you in Microsoft Power Apps – the Low-Code/No-Code platform of Microsoft. Using friendly interface, well known formulas from Excel and experienced specialist help, you can easily create your first apps – web based, platform independent and secured which to be used in your company. No special skills are needed.
Workshop agenda :

  1. Creating a test environment with all the needed requisites
  2. Canvas App – description, Data Sources, Examples, creating a Canvas Power Apps, modifying an existed app, using the templates. Approximate time – 1.5 hr
  3. Model Driven App – Description, Data Source (Data Verse), Examples, Creating Model Driven App, modifying an existed app, Approximate time – 1.5 hr
  4. Power Apps Admin Center, how to use - Approximate time – 40 minutes
  5. Q&A – 20 minutes

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