Power Application Development: 1-Wk Implementation

Ness Israel

Do you need to create cost-efficient, low-tech applications for your business? Let our team of experts help you!

Business processes have radically shifted in the last decade; all around the world and across all verticals the markets have undoubtedly favored organizations that have adopted and embraced digital transformation.
With Microsoft Azure's Power Applications and Ness Cloud's team of experts you can have high-quality, low-tech, cost effective and easy maintenance applications custom made for your business in record time.

At Ness Cloud, we know that no two customers' needs are similar, and that only you know what your business requires and where the bottle necks are in your process line, and we want to help you create applications that address your specific needs and that will seamlessly integrate with the rest of your Microsoft ecosystem and most of your other existing platforms, (SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, SQL Server, SAP, etc.), thus enabling your key players to use, manage and customize them according to your needs, even if they do not have a technological background.

There is no limit to the kind of applications we can help you create, from meetings minutes and task lists to new employee onboardings, from project managing and security alerts to mass polls; all easily accessible from your iPhone, iPad or workstations, all enabled to import or export data to the rest of your platforms.

Ness' team of experts will help you
-Understand which of your pain points can be addressed with a change of process.
-Create customized applications with Microsoft's PowerApps that address those new processes in the most cost-effective way.
-Automate steps with the help of tools like POWER AUTOMATE.
-Integrate key data to and from your apps via connectors.
-Create a tutorial or training for the app's usage and maintenance.
-Create a template that can be reproduced for future app customization or app creation across the company.

So let's work together to plan, get ready and adopt your new environment on the Cloud.

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