Secure Modern Workplace Platform Implementation


Enables teams to securely collaborate, connect and be more productive than ever before, no matter when or where they work.

Technology has rapidly evolved the workplace, enabling teams to collaborate, connect and be more productive than ever before, no matter when or where they work. The modern workplace environment offers game-changing benefits, but security concerns like phishing attacks, social engineering, ransomware, malware and hacking are persistent threats.

Secure Modern Workplace from Cognizant Microsoft Business Group (a member of the Microsoft Information Security Association) provides a platform native, end-to-end solution to safeguard your workplace systems leveraging Microsoft expertise and a Zero Trust security model. Our approach builds on traditional security principles with layers of controls to continually verify users, resources, devices and applications, assigning the least privilege required for given roles and responsibilities.

We will implement a modern workplace platform that provides a fresh new employee experience, fuels collaboration and enables enhanced productivity – with the latest workplace technologies deployed and configured to your exact requirements.

Once deployed, security experts will manage your modern workplace solution and continually monitor, detect, investigate and respond to security events, threats and compliance concerns on your behalf, utilizing Microsoft’s advanced security and compliance suite to safeguard your solution (Including but not limited to Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Microsoft 365, Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Identity, and Defender for Office 365).

Benefits: -A modern workplace platform that enables enhanced employee experiences, and fuels team collaboration and productivity -Deployment of a future ready workplace platform that is secured by design and ready for you to scale -A technology packed workplace platform that is Adaptable and extendable in nature, helping you amplify and accelerate business value

Offer price and duration are customised based on your requirements - contact us for more information

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