Dynamics-365-Mixed-Reality Guides GxP Framework- 6WK Implement


Our GxP approved framework for Dynamics-365-Guides allows companies in regulated industries to be in full control of their created content in all phases from the creation, validation to publication.

By utilizing Dynamics-365-Mixed-Reality Guides to digitalize your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) and/or Job Instructions (JI's) and combining it with NNIT's acknowledged best practice GxP framework, you are ready to become GxP compliant. Our framework ensures you get in full control of life cycle of Dynamics-365-Mixed-Reality Guides from creation, test, publication and archive. This is done by our ecosystem of Power Apps that moves Dynamics-365-Mixed-Reality Guides from one environment to another with an appropriate audit trail, detailing who, when and what was moved.

By implementing our framework you reap the benefits of Dynamics-365-Mixed-Reality Guides in a regulated environment by reducing errors, standardize skills and reinforce compliance by improving training and ongoing processes. Your employees learn more from doing than watching. Step-by-step instruction in the Dynamics-365-Mixed-Reality Guide are easy to follow and allow users to learn at their own pace. After implementing our framework, you will be in control of your Dynamics-365-Mixed-Reality Guides and receive valuable statistics on the usage.

The price starts from 46.000 USD and includes a tailored solution based on your regulatory requirements. Our Mixed Reality, Power Platform, QA and Device Management experts will support your stakeholders through the following phases for establishing full control over your Dynamics-365-Mixed-Reality Guides:

  1. Analysis
  2. Scope and Requirements
  3. Setup NNIT's Dynamics-365-Mixed-Reality Guides GxP Framework
  4. Conduct Proof of Concept
  5. Qualify and validate solution
  6. Go-Live

Additional benefits: NNIT is an end-to-end service provider covering the value chain from procurement of devices, configuration of devices, scaling to enterprise, training of users, to daily support of operations. We have developed a complete knowledge base enabling companies in highly regulated industries to grow proof of concepts into production.

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