Mixed Reality As a Service: 1-mth Proof of Concept


Rent a secure and fully managed Microsoft HoloLens for testing Proof of Concepts

Rent a secure and fully managed Microsoft HoloLens devices, making it easy to start exploring, testing proof of concepts and pilots, and utilize the benefits of Mixed Reality.

Value Proposition: Prove the case in a dedicated NNIT customer environment before scaling to your enterprise environment.

Key Benefits: We will manage the governance setup via Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft PowerPlatform, allowing companies to solely focus on exploring the many benefits of Mixed Reality.

Intended user base: All industries wanting to explorer and reap the benefits of Mixed Reality. NNIT derives from the Life Science industry and have therefore have expertise knowledge within for example GxP.

Price: The standard package contains; HoloLens with Microsoft Dynamics Remote Assist and Microsoft 365 F3 License. The standard price is 650$ HoloLens/month and there is a minimum rent of 1-month. Customers are able to request additional licenses (e.g., Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides, Holo4Lab, etc.) and equipment (Power bank, headset, microphone, microscope etc.) based on their needs. Prices will be transparent and settled dependent of the choices.

Additional benefits: Our reference customers have added advisory services on top of their PoC, to build and present business cases ready for management.

The NNIT Mixed Reality team, have developed a deep level of knowledge through previous experiences on how to manage and operate Mixed Reality services.

In general, NNIT is an end-to-end service provider covering the value chain from procurement of devices, configuration of devices, scaling to enterprise, training of users, to daily support operations. We have developed a complete knowledge base enabling companies in highly regulated industries to grow proof of concepts to enterprise whilst reaping the benefits of Mixed Reality – without you having to gain the competencies of configuring devices, establishing structures, and making risk assessments.

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