Diagnostic of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM customer data platform & marketing for Retail: 2 weeks proof of concept


Discover personalized customer experiences with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Data Platform & Marketing.

Discover personalized customer experiences with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Data Platform & Marketing. Created for retail businesses, this 2-week program aims to evaluate the potential of these tools to upgrade your customer engagement, boost marketing efforts, and drive sales. Discover how these platforms can be tailor-made for your specific retail needs.

Package inclusions

Kick Off Meeting:

Commence the assessment with a clear roadmap.

Understand your retail business's unique landscape and objectives.

Set forth the expectations and deliverables for the assessment.

Functional Workshop (4 hours):

Dive into the specifics of your retail functionalities.

Align Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and marketing solutions to your business processes.

Discover ways to enhance customer interactions and streamline marketing operations.

Technical Workshop:

Focused on shaping IT strategy and orchestrating successful project implementation actions.

Chart out pathways for organic development, ensuring sustainable and scalable growth.

Receive comprehensive protocol detailing (proposed enterprise IT architecture, mechanisms for business continuity support, strategies for organic IT development to align with business development).

Commercial Proposal:

Receive a detailed proposal encompassing potential costs, benefits, and broader implementation timelines.

Gain insights into licensing modalities and any anticipated additional expenses.

Demo Case:

Experience firsthand the capabilities of Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Data Platform & Marketing tailored to a retail scenario.

Visualize the transformative impact on your customer engagement and marketing initiatives.

Duration: 2 Weeks

Price: $3,000 USD

Why choose this package?

Gain a targeted understanding of how Dynamics 365 CRM and marketing tools can uplift your retail business.

Align technological capabilities with your Retail marketing and customer engagement goals.

Witness the platform in action with a tailored demo, showcasing its potential benefits for your operations.

How to get started?

Elevate your retail business's customer engagement and marketing strategies with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Simply click the “Contact me” button below. Our dedicated team will promptly reach out to kickstart this enlightening journey.

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