"Smart Consulting" with an Expert: 2-Hours Brefing by Cluster Reply


Cluster Reply, thanks to its strong skills in the manufacturing sector, can help companies to strengthen the relationship with their customers, through the Smart Consulting Solution

This free 2-hours briefing is focused on how the Smart Consulting Solution could be the main pillar of your company, helping you to create a strong relationship with your customers. This solution will involve different Microsoft products starting from Microsoft Teams in order to automatically provide to your customers a Teams meeting on the preselected day; store data and customer information using Power apps or Dynamics 365 and common data service and, least but not the last, analyze customer voice surveys data directly on Dynamics 365 to know their satisfaction rates. The Smart Consulting approach proposed by Cluster Reply provides many advantages such as:

  • improves the relationship between your company and your customers (using Microsoft Teams as a channel to simplify communication),
  • gives customers high quality support (Storing all customer's data in one place Microsoft Teams App, Power Apps or Dynamics 365)
  • boost Sales & Customer service productivity

We will help our companies deliver a real impact for a better experience, better insight, better performance.

This no-obligation informational briefing is designed for manufacturing companies in order to offer/present them our Smart Consulting Solution approach and technologies involved (Teams, Dynamics 365, Power App). After this meeting, our attendees will be able to evaluate how it can be adapted and applied to their processes.


  • General overview and presentation of Smart Consulting Solution
  • Review of Smart Consulting capabilities and key features


  • Our Mission
  • Main customers needs
  • Live Demo of Smart Consulting Solution
  • Smart Consulting features and benefits
  • Involved Technologies (Teams, Dynamics 365, Power Apps)
  • How can "Smart Consulting" be useful in your company?

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