Microsoft Purview Roadmap Deployment - 6 Week Assessment


This engagement will provide clients with an understanding of Microsoft Purview capabilities and establish a strategic roadmap for deploying and using Purview to enhance their Data Protection Program.

Protiviti will facilitate a series of workshops with stakeholders interested in how Microsoft Purview identifies, classifies, protects and governs data throughout the enterprise. Discussions on the client’s priorities, current state of data protection technology, and Protiviti’s deployment experience will be consolidated into a roadmap outlining the vision, strategy and high-level timeline for success.​

Microsoft Purview Workshop Planning​

  • Work with client team to identify key stakeholders, interested parties, and workshop agendas/schedule ​
  • Collect/review relevant materials and distribute pre-workshop questionnaires to assess existing priorities, technological direction, current deployment, and key requirements for the sessions​

Microsoft Purview Discovery & Demonstration Workshops​

  • Facilitate multiple sessions to explain and demonstrate key capabilities of the Microsoft Purview Platform. These sessions are intended to create an understanding of each application and demonstrate the different controls offered through Purview including, but not limited to: ​ Purview Overview​, App Governance​, eDiscovery​, Data Lifecycle & Records Management, Insider Risk Management, Information Barriers, Privacy Risk Management​, Information Protection​, Data Loss Prevention​, Reporting & monitoring​

Executive Roadmap & Presentation

  • Prepare for an Executive presentation to provide a summary of the findings and results of the workshops and engagement sessions.
  • Based on feedback, formalize findings into a 12–18 month strategic roadmap.

Top Priority Deep Dive

  • Upon agreement of the top priority for a Purview deployment, Protiviti will facilitate two (2) deep dive workshops focusing on preparedness: Current state of technical dependencies, Related Data Protection Program status
  • Create an actionable plan for the immediate next steps.
  • Based on the direction provided by the Client, Protiviti will provide a detailed proposal for the next phases of Implementation.

Key Deliverables

  • Pre-workshop Questionnaire
  • Purview Discovery Sessions and Feature Demonstrations
  • Purview Prioritized Roadmap Executive Presentation
  • Deep Dive Workshop and Recommended Next Step

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