Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management: Upgrade Assessment

RSM Product Sales LLC

Migrate from your old Dynamics AX version and take advantage of the newest architectural advancements and features Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain management has to offer.

We will help guide you through upgrading from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. We collaborate with you to analyze what your company needs for an upgrade, detailing the resources required, complexity, and business impact of each new version utilizing the experience and leadership you would expect from a trusted and recognized advisor.

Our focus is discovering the project effort and risk associated with an upgrade by evaluating technology, upgrade approaches, project planning, third parties, offline processes, and more to ensure we get a complete high-level picture of your upgrade landscape.

During the assessment, we will evaluate how your current Dynamics AX system is operating and look at opportunities for expansion based on new features and capabilities. A thorough analysis of your current AX features, integrations, customizations, and modules will be completed during this assessment.

Your Upgrade Assessment Path:

  • User review: Perform a detailed review of how Dynamics AX is being used throughout your organization, including features, modules, customizations, and integrations. Identify existing pain points and gaps you are experiencing today.
  • Process and code review: Perform a thorough review of your business processes and customizations to evaluate opportunities to return to Dynamics base code. Identify where replacing custom code with new features may simplify ongoing maintenance.
  • Opportunities for expansion: Evaluate where the use of Dynamics may be expanded within the organization based on new features and capabilities.
  • Knowledge transfer: Clarify with your team the risks and benefits of upgrading to a newer version of Dynamics, along with the training required to get your team ready for an upgrade.
  • Project planning: Develop a clear understanding around timelines, environments, and processes used to upgrade Dynamics and clearly communicate these to your team.
  • Hardware sizing: Confirm or recommend hardware for an upgrade that will ensure your team can take advantage of the latest and greatest architectural advancements, including new features and performance improvements.

We will provide an overall assessment plan filled with deliverables that outline the process from end to end and highlight what is required by your organization for a successful upgrade.


  • Project road map: Includes timelines, resource identification and costs.
  • Project plan: Customized for your unique business environment, this includes a detailed outline of functional, technical, and hardware recommendations.
  • Executive summary: Outlines risks, recommendations on removing customizations, and recommended enhancements.
  • Resource identification: Details RSM team requirements as well as the internal resources needed from your team.
  • Infrastructure analysis: Review hardware, cloud, and licensing options.

Together, we can address these critical business questions:

  • Why do an Upgrade Assessment?
  • When is the best time in your business’ yearly cycle to take on a project to minimize disruption?
  • WHAT is the ROI of this project?
  • HOW do we get there, what is involved from all parties to be successful?

Knowing what is involved in an upgrade is critical to the decision-makers in your organization to determine when, what, and how to upgrade. Once these questions are answered, a business case for an upgrade is clear.

Experience the power of being understood:

We understand that you have a myriad of choices when choosing an advisor. For all the activities leading up to and including your Dynamics AX upgrade. We have worked hard to distinguish ourselves from the competition with a repeatable and proven upgrade methodology successfully deployed for many clients over the years.

When it is your time to consider upgrading ERP Systems, let RSM take the lead as first your choice advisors in the industry.

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