Blockchain & Digital Assets: 1 Week Workshop

RSM Product Sales LLC

RSM’s Blockchain & Digital Assets workshop is designed to help companies identify applications of blockchain technologies to their business and build a scalable blockchain strategy.

During RSM's Blockchain & Digital Assets Workshop, businesses using Dynamics 365 and related solutions in Microsoft’s suite will receive training & tools to create their own blockchain and digital asset strategy, whether businesses are new to this space, or already transact in cryptocurrencies.

Throughout the program, participants will assess their business requirements, and be trained to confidently engage with blockchain technologies to establish a foundation for future ventures in Web3.0.

This workshop is a collaboration between both RSM's Blockchain/Digital Assets and Microsoft/Dynamics 365 teams. It combines established industry blockchain experience with the technical understanding of Microsoft's solution stack. Through collaboration with our industry experts, organizations can develop a roadmap for digital asset adoption

This workshop is a one-stop solution for important concepts across technical accounting, audit, tax, and the evolving regulatory landscape. The content is derived from RSM's work with over 350 digital asset clients in tax, audit, and consulting engagements, as well as RSM’s International Blockchain Fellowship Program.

Many businesses are now experimenting with payroll using cryptocurrencies or accepting payments from customers in ERC20 tokens. To understand how shifts in payment modalities are occurring, clients will receive guided demonstrations using tools like Etherscan, and enterprise-grade subledger accounting applications capable of being integrated into their ERP systems. This study analyzes the manual feeding of transactions into systems like Dynamics 365 versus automatic, while demonstrating how existing systems operate with cryptocurrency/accounting software.

After the initial assessment, RSM will guide the team to create a tailored, company-wide digital upskilling plan, and gauge what the minimum investment is needed to get started.

Workshop structure:

  • Day 1: Fundamentals of Blockchain & Digital Assets
  • Day 2: Tax Training; Create your Digital Asset Team
  • Day 3: Technical Accounting; Demos of Subledger Accounting in Crypto
  • Day 4: Initial Assessment and Use Case; Regulatory Landscape
  • Day 5: Upskilling Plan
  • *Pricing will vary based on scope of work.

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