Trade Profiler: 1-Day Workshop and Assessment

RSM Product Sales LLC

RSM’s innovative Trade Profiler solution analyzes multiple years of detailed trade transaction data to visualize and isolate cost-saving opportunities and exposures in robust Power BI dashboards.

Internationally active businesses often miss out on a variety of supply chain savings and tariff recovery opportunities due to a lack of internal visibility and expertise. RSM’s proprietary solution, Trade Profiler, uses robust Power BI dashboards to convert thousands of global supply chain and customs and trade operations data points into actionable intelligence, leveraging official import filings to visualize supply chain flows and tariff spend. Complemented by the extensive experience of our customs and trade advisory professionals, Trade Profiler enables lower costs, increased margins, and improved compliance for businesses engaged in >$5M/year in international trade.

Trading data from US Customs and Border Protection is loaded into our Power BI dashboards and analyzed by Trade Advisory experts. During the one-day workshop, which can be hosted virtually, at RSM, or at the client’s preferred location, our team reviews the data insights provided by the interactive Power BI dashboards following the below agenda:

RSM presentation of Trade Profiler results

  • Navigating Trade Profiler
  • Explanation of data insights

    Trade Profiler Power BI visualizations - Deep Dive

  • Overview
  • Year Over Year
  • Vendor and classification
  • Duty analysis
  • Free trade agreements

    Trade Risk and Opportunities

  • Compliance risks

    Trade Savings Opportunities

  • Tariff classification
  • Sourcing
  • Preferential trade programs

    Summary of Trade Profiler results

  • Trends
  • Risk
  • Opportunities
  • Action Items

    By the close of the workshop, clients will have an in-depth understanding of the data visualizations and actionable intelligence that Trade Profiler provides via Power BI, which the client will be able to review and interact with going forward. We then partner with clients to determine next steps and further RSM engagement to take advantage of any potential cost-savings and risk reduction.

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