Manufacturing Basics: 4-Wk Implementation

Sabre Limited

Manufacturing Basics is an implementation program designed to train and prepare companies to use Dynamics 365 Business Central as their Manufacturing ERP and Business Management system.

Manufacturing Basics Overview

Customers who choose Manufacturing Basics should already have completed Trade and Financials for Manufacturing or should have a Dynamics 365 Business Central system with Financials, Inventory, Purchasing, and Sales fully working. For customers who already have a working system, Sabre recommends a brief inexpensive audit be conducted to ensure that all components of the system are correctly configured before proceeding with Manufacturing Basics. This implementation program is intended to leave a customer with a full knowledge and fully functional Dynamics 365 Business Central system ready to start processing manufacturing orders.

Training covers the basic areas of manufacturing: Manufacturing Setup (BOM and Routings as well as Machine and Work Centers); Order Execution (Planned, Firm Planned, and Released Production Orders); Data Processing such as reporting production, collecting labor, and consuming materials; Job Costing fundamentals; and Outside service processing and purchasing. Advanced modules such as the MRP and MPS (production forecasting and planning) are available as separate training courses.



  • Production order management
  • Firm planned and released production orders
  • Bill of Materials, versions, and effectivity
  • Routings, versions, and effectivity
  • Production execution
  • Time reporting
  • Capacity management and reporting
  • Linked sales and purchase orders
  • Requisition Worksheet for Manufacturing
  • Scrap factors
  • Manufacturing costing
  • Unit of measure conversions for BOM
  • Inventory control best practices
  • Build to stock and build to order
  • Outside service planning (standard only)
  • Bill of Material, Routing, Machine Center and other Manufacturing setup
  • Go Live Support

Available Separately

  • MRP/MPS and production forecasts

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