Streaming Data Analytics: 2-Hr Briefing

Saviant Technology Consulting & Software Development Pvt. Ltd.

Consulting brief to analyse live stream of enterprise data in real-time, using Microsoft Power BI.

Interactive session to build high level roadmap to leverage streaming data for analytical visualization in real-time using Power BI and Advanced Analytics.

Learn from experts to manage data from multiple sources such as devices, sensors, and data systems.

Determine KPIs and dashboards which can be created from data streams to build BI applications to drive business goals.


Assessment (1 Hour)

  • High-level assessment of data streams, nature of the data source, and reporting/analytics application
  • Understanding business needs and KPIs from streaming data
  • Create a BI roadmap using Power BI and Advanced analytics

Demonstration (30 - 40 mins)

  • Case study and demo of similar use cases

Q & A (15 - 20 mins)


  • Quick Assessment Report
  • High-level use cases for business KPIs
  • Customer stories presentation and demo
  • PoC/Implementation roadmap

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