Customer Care Package: 10-Wk Implementation


Redesign your customer experience capabilities with packaged deployment of Customer Service, Agent Chat, Remote Assist and Customer Insights in less than 3 months.

Today’s customers know what is possible and their expectations are unavoidable. How are you going to provide the customer experience they want? It’s possible with the suite of customer care and support solutions offered by Velosio.

Velosio brings together Microsoft Dynamics 365 Live Chat, Digital Tools, Remote Support, and AI-based Insights for a comprehensive approach to unavoidable customer demands. We can help you transform your customer service and support. You will know your customers and be able to respond quickly and compassionately.

This packaged deployment includes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, so you can give your agents the tools they need to help customers in new and personalized ways. You also get Virtual Agent for Customer Service to enable high-value, lower-cost options for service such as portals and chat; and Remote Assist, so you can handle complex issues or training needs from afar to reduce travel and overhead. To enable a powerful, real-time and unified customer view, you get Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, which allows you to predict customer intent and preferences to drive actions and experiences.

The Velosio Customer Care and Experience Package brings everything together that you need to meet and exceed customer demands. We can set you up within 10 weeks starting at just $95,000.

At Velosio, we use Dynamics 365 Customer Service to care for our own clients. Our 30 years of experience as a Microsoft Gold Partner combined with our knowledgeable team put us in the ready position to make your deployment a success, so you can elevate your customer service levels.

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