Power Platform Assessment


A Business Value Assessment and Workshop on the use of the Microsoft Power Platform to drive organizational efficiency and productivity.

A 3-day Assessment and Workshop educates on use of the Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Portals) to enhance business process, system integration, and access to data for decision making. The assessment engages key stakeholders to identify business pain points that impact growth and profitability. Development of future state use cases and envisioned solutions provides support for return on investment in Power Platform tools and services.

Why Do You Need a Power Platform Assessment & Workshop

Are you re-keying documents from one system to another? Do you have multiple business applications that don’t share information? Would you like your systems to Alert you to for actionable business decisions? Is email the method of routing process related workflow? The Power Platform Assessment and Workshop identifies candidates for process improvement and actionable business intelligence. The Workshop provides a broad overview of the technology by bringing in real use cases and demonstrates each component of the Power Platform.

Objectives • Expose client use cases for the Power Platform that drive growth and profitability • Provide a technology overview of Power App, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Portals • Develop a return on investment for the deployment of the Power Platform • Provide a roadmap for best practices in the deployment of the Power Platform

See attached agenda for more details.

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