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Unsure about embarking on a Digital Transformation journey? Take a cost-effective first step with Velosio's Discovery stage.

Unsure If Digital Transformation is the Right Fit? Take A Step in the Right Direction with Velosio’s Discovery Stage?

You’ve heard about how true digital transformation can dramatically change your business, but you don’t know where to start or are asking, “Will this actually make a difference.” That is where Velosio can help.

The Velosio Digital NEXT Roadmap is a strategic envisioning and planning program, focused on small to mid-market customers. The goal is to work with you to assess your current solutions and deliver a digital & business transformation roadmap that aligns your business goals and objectives to modern capabilities within the full suite of Microsoft solutions (examples of implementations may include Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE, Microsoft Dynamics Finance, Power BI, etc.). Your leadership team will be aligned on the need for change and understand the timing, investment, and most importantly the positive business impact you can expect.

How do we get there?

We begin with our Discovery stage, co-opted from Microsoft’s Catalyst framework as the Inspire stage. We first focus on Envisioning, creating a strategic vision that will eventually culminate into a holistic roadmap of both technological & process enhancements.

Through Envisioning (Discovery) workshops, Velosio’s Digital Transformation advisors take into account the organization's categorized initiatives, corporate & individual goals, and business impacts/outcomes, in an effort to tie them to technologies that are the catalyst for achieving said business outcomes. The Discovery stage is intended to create scenarios that serve as the blueprint for the next steps in the process. Envisioning Workshop facilitators will use design thinking concepts to help business decision makers establish the primary goal for the project, using an approach that encourages them to think beyond simply making existing processes more efficient.

Velosio will conduct interviews to understand the current state, identify business challenges, opportunities for improvement and observe end users to understand the user experience. Velosio will engage with key business stakeholders & owners to agree on North Star/Vision in order to define business opportunities and list initiatives to pursue to address the primary vision. Velosio will create high-priority transformation scenarios to help customers, employees, operations, and products achieve ongoing innovation within the organization’s environment. Velosio will capture findings and recommendations on the required Workshop Execution Output document.

What are the results or deliverables?

  • Understanding of the objectives, business challenges, and opportunities for improvement has been achieved
  • Prioritization of initiatives for Digital Transformation
  • Agreement on top initiatives to pursue
  • Clear visualization of the North Star Vision
  • Plan with agreed-upon next steps toward a comprehensive Business Value Assessment

Supported Countries: This service is available in the United States and Canada.

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