Velosio Digital NEXT Roadmap-Assessment-3 MO.


The Velosio Digital NEXT Roadmap is a strategic envisioning and planning program, designed to work with you to assess your current application ecosystem and deliver a digital & business transformation

Learn How & Why Digital Transformation is Imperative to Remain Competitive & Innovative

You’ve heard about how true digital transformation can dramatically change your business, but you need help creating a compelling framework & plan toward both technological and business improvements.

The Velosio Digital NEXT Roadmap is a strategic envisioning and planning program, focused on small to mid-market customers. The goal is to work with you to assess your current solutions and deliver a digital & business transformation roadmap that aligns your business goals and objectives to modern capabilities within the full suite of Microsoft solutions (examples of implementations may include Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE, Microsoft Dynamics Finance, Power BI, etc.). Your leadership team will be aligned on the need for change and understand the timing, investment, and most importantly the positive business impact you can expect.

How do we get there?

The Digital NEXT Roadmap includes extensive discovery & research into the client’s business goals, current technical readiness and application environment. Research will include interviews/discovery sessions, surveys and independent analysis. Outcomes includes all research along with additional defined use cases, suggested ROI/KPIs, and directional/strategic Business Value Map, representing the goals & strategies tied to the project capabilities, culminating in a short & long-term transformation plan. Velosio also leads Change Management & Adoption efforts to ensure that end users are aware of the meaningful changes occurring & are getting the most out of the improvements. Velosio is positioned as an extension of our client’s business, so a mutual alignment between key stakeholders is guaranteed.

The Digital NEXT Roadmap is a detailed transformation plan & timeline created by leveraging learnings during Velosio’s Envisioning Workshops and subsequent reviews with key stakeholders. The client owns this document and all research. Outcomes include a benefits-driven Solution Assessment & Roadmap, detailing the current state of operations & highlighting the future solution-state that is tied to business goals, strategy, tactics & enablers, KPIs, and estimated ROI. The Solution Roadmap will also include a risk assessment & mitigation plan. The Solution Roadmap details a phased Digital Transformation implementation plan. What are the results or deliverables?

  • Understanding of the objectives, business challenges, and opportunities for improvement has been achieved
  • Prioritization of initiatives for Digital Transformation
  • Agreement on top initiatives to pursue
  • Clear visualization of the North Star Vision
  • Plan with agreed-upon next steps toward a comprehensive Business Value Assessment
  • Documentation of primary goals and a high-level roadmap to achieve said goals
  • Engagement with key business stakeholders to agree on business outcomes
  • Alignment on high-level solution options to challenges & business outcomes/goals.
  • Identification of the key improvement metrics (KPIs) and then quantify the same by capturing baseline numbers and potential improvement levers.
  • Creating business cases for change with a cost/benefit analysis that is captured clearly and documented as an executive readout.
  • Clearly identified list of Metrics around Revenue, Cost or Productivity areas
  • Investment Analysis – summary of annual benefits
  • Based on the value discovery, the number of users using the tool will be used to build the cost structure.
  • Clear Year-Year cost flow based on the identified license
  • Gap Analysis
  • Agreement on financial improvement levers per solution offering
  • Future State snapshots
  • Solution Demos
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation Plan
  • Change Management Schedule & draft communications
  • Adoption/Training content
  • Process flow updates & SOP documentation
  • Master Project Plan

Supported Countries: This service is available in the United States and Canada.

Solution Description Velosio brings a team of trusted business advisors & technical experts that help drive meaningful organizational & technological changes, enhancing ways that an organization interacts with customers, prospects, and employees.

Velosio’s DX Roadmap is an electronic and physically tangible product that directs an organization on both a short & long-term journey through optimizing their systems, tools & processes, both internal & external.

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