Power BI Consulting : 2Week Implementation

Sibasi Ltd

Our comprehensive service includes activities such as assessing data sources, designing robust data models, creating engaging visualizations, providing tailored training, and offering ongoing support.

Our approach in Delivery of Business Intelligence Projects with Power BI Assessment and Planning:

  1. Needs Assessment: We identify the specific requirements and goals of our clients. We understand the key performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting needs. Data Assessment: We evaluate the existing data sources, quality, and availability. Infrastructure Setup:
  2. Power BI Service Setup: We configure and set up the Power BI service, including creating user accounts, groups, and workspaces. Gateway Configuration: If on-premises data sources are involved, set up data gateways to facilitate data connectivity.
  3. Report Design and Development: Dashboard and Report Creation: We design and develop dashboards and reports based on the established requirements. Visualization Best Practices: We follow best practices for data visualization to ensure effective communication.
  4. Deployment: Publish to Power BI Service: Deploy the reports and dashboards to the Power BI service.
  5. Training and Documentation: End-User Training: We Provide training sessions for end-users on how to use and interact with Power BI reports. Documentation: Create documentation for administrators, and end-users.
  6. Monitoring during hand holding period: Performance Monitoring: We Monitor the performance of reports and dashboards. for more -

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