SMS Using Microsoft Flow: 1-Day Implementation

Sikich, LLP.

A rapid deployment of a solution using Microsoft Flow with Dynamics 365 Operations and Twillio, so your customers can check order status, and get updates via SMS.

Improve customer satisfaction and lower customer service costs by implementing an automated order status with Microsoft Flow.

During this implementation, we will build a new Microsoft Flow that will allow your customers to inquire on their sales order status via SMS (Short Message Service i.e. text messages)

Your customers simply send an SMS to you with the body of the message containing their sales order number. Flow will process this message and reply to the customer via SMS with the order status and expected delivery date.


A fully automated sales order status SMS service, allowing for an improved customer service experience.


Dynamics 365 for Operations, Microsoft Flow, Twillio account (we can access the free trial for the purpose of this implementation).

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