Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop

Sonata Information Technology Limited

Get your organization ready to adopt Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot is an advanced innovation, using the power of generative AI. To embrace and leverage this major shift in productivity, Sonata assists you by offering the Microsoft 365 Copilot Assessment. Through this assessment, we help you get your organization ready to adopt this new technology. This service covers all the key topics to prepare your organization for the successful adoption of the Microsoft 365 Copilot. It starts with a comprehensive verification of Copilot requirements, giving a clear overview of prerequisites, licensing conditions, and specific requirements for smooth integration with Microsoft 365. We also prioritize compliance with data governance policies and regulations, making sure your organization’s data is handled properly and safely. Then, we dive into the core of the Copilot, giving you a detailed look at its features and mechanisms. We demonstrate the ‘Art of Possible’ with cutting-edge AI technology, showing how Copilot can improve your workflows and processes. As part of the assessment, we collaborate with your organization to identify your particular requirements and figure out how Copilot can most effectively use its capabilities to address those requirements. Get to Know Your Copilot • Comprehensive Investigation of Copilot Features • Learning How Copilot Works Behind the Scenes • Exploring the Art of Possible with Advanced AI Technology Use Cases • Customized Solutions Based on Your Business Requirements Deliverables • We’ll perform a detailed evaluation of your organization’s preparation for the Microsoft 365 Copilot, covering all preconditions, licensing agreements, and Microsoft 365 integration needs. • Sonata team will show you the features and mechanisms of the Copilot, demonstrating how this sophisticated AI technology can improve your business performance. • We’ll demonstrate realistic scenarios relevant to your business, letting you see for yourself how the Microsoft 365 Copilot can be used for optimal results in your specific situation.

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