Center of Excellence: 6-Wk Implementation

SPAN d.d.

Establishing a Power Platform Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence is a collection of tools, reports, consulting services and trainings that will provide insights, enforce development and security standards, nurture makers and drive adoption of the Power Platform. During 6 weeks we will work together to establish the Power Platform CoE in your organization.

Project activities:

  • Discovery sessions and consulting services for building strategy focused on organization needs and preferences, finding right stakeholders and setting up clear requirements and goals
  • Providing Power Platform Admin in a day training - Installation and configuration of the right tools that provide automation, governance and nurturing of the Platform
  • Create Power BI reports to have complete overview of the platform
  • Consulting services for documenting procedures regarding support, compliance and security
  • Setting up Power Platform community center and groups that will drive adoption
  • Supporting the CoE journey by providing best practices for Power Platform adoption

Business challenges:

  • Security concerns (data security concerns regarding connectors, security risks and „shadow IT”)
  • Environment management (no complete overview of the Platform)
  • Lack of procedures and compliance (app maintenance and flow distribution, staff turnover challenges and app/flow ownership, GDPR compliance issues)
  • Adoption challenges (low Power Platform adoption across the organization and lack of Power Platform awareness and low internal expertise)


  • Installed and Configured Power Platform CoE Starter Kit to enable a complete overview and control over the platform
  • Customized solution plan for digital transformation
  • Raised level of expertise for your internal Power Platform Champions and Admins

Price is based on scope of work according to your business needs which will be determined in presales process.

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