EcoCloud – Sustainability Manager:3-Wk Implementation

Systems Ltd

Fast-track your sustainability and business growth, with optimized cloud costs, improved process efficiency, and zero emissions.

Accelerate your common and connected sustainability journey with EcoCloud – Sustainability Manager from Systems MEA (Techvista) built on the Microsoft Partner Sustainability Solutions model powered by Cloud, which ultimately helps you foster and run an agile, green IT infrastructure, that acts as a core accelerator of your decarbonization objectives.


To seamlessly monitor and manage your business’ sustainability performance, we offer a comprehensive Microsoft Partner Sustainability Solutions Model built on Azure Cloud that includes:

  • Microsoft Sustainability Manager
  • Emissions Impact Dashboard applications
  • Environment Credit Service
  • Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability data model
The solution is powered by the transformative capabilities of Azure and Dynamics 365 tied with the unified data intelligence features of the Power Platform, which guarantee digitally transformed and sustainable processes of your organization. You also get:
  • An overview of organizational settings and other KPIs.
  • Data collection and ingestion for 1 – 2 data sources based on the activities across different value chains.
  • Get Scope 1, Scope 2, or Scope 3 emissions and insights on interactive dashboards.
  • Understand how to manage, monitor, and evaluate the net zero emission target.
Benefits: With transformative capabilities and intelligent features of the EcoCloud, you will instantly be able to:
  • Optimize your enterprise's cloud costs
  • Create sustainable value chains
  • Become net zero on your carbon emissions
Partner with us for 2-3 weeks of effort and get a blueprint of Microsoft Sustainability Cloud technologies with real-world business operational activities of your choice. Let’s take a step forward together and sculpt a thriving and greener future for all.

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