Dynamics 365 Power Platform Center of Excellence - 4-Wk Assessment


An assessment of your existing Power Platform solution, aimed at analyzing its effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Dynamics 365 Power Center of Excellence is designed to evaluate and enhance the efficiency of your Power Platform solution. Our team of experts will work closely with your organization to deliver a comprehensive assessment encompassing several key areas to help boost productivity and optimize your Power Platform investment.

To begin, we assess opportunities for new Power Platform developments, identifying areas where additional solutions can be leveraged to further enhance productivity and streamline processes. By leveraging the Power Platform's capabilities, we aim to unlock untapped potential for your organization, helping you achieve even greater efficiency.

We understand the importance of user feedback in shaping the success of any solution. Our team engages with solution users to gather their feedback on the current as-is state and identify areas for desirable improvements. By considering user perspectives, we ensure that any recommended enhancements align with the real-world needs of your organization and its workforce.

Furthermore, an assessment of overall solution governance is conducted, examining the policies and practices in place to manage the Power Platform solution effectively. This evaluation identifies potential cost-saving opportunities by identifying areas where resource allocation can be optimized or redundant processes eliminated. By streamlining governance, we help you achieve significant financial benefits and overall operational efficiency.

Operational efficiency is a core focus of our assessment. We review the existing solution to determine if adjustments can be made to improve operating efficiency and speed. Our team conducts a thorough analysis, examining the solution's architecture, system integrations, and performance. This enables us to present actionable recommendations aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, reducing downtime, and improving overall system performance.

As part of our service, we set detailed benchmarks that measure various solution usage parameters. These benchmarks provide a clear understanding of the effectiveness of the solution and serve as a reference for future assessments and improvements. Coupled with our expert analysis, these benchmarks help monitor progress and ensure continuous optimization.

To conclude the assessment, we deliver comprehensive documentation outlining the outcomes of our assessment. This documentation includes a detailed summary of our findings, actionable recommendations, and a roadmap for implementing the proposed improvements. This ensures transparency and knowledge transfer, empowering your organization to take decisive steps towards enhancing your Power Platform solution effectively.

Trust the Dynamics 365 Power Center of Excellence to assess, optimize, and unlock the full potential of your Power Platform solution. Contact us today to embark on the journey towards increased productivity and operational excellence.

  • Free pricing subject to funding from Microsoft.

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