Fleetman Data Migration: 2-week Implementation

Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech s.r.o.

*Transfer your existing vehicle fleet records into the FLEETMAN application using migration templates. *

Fleetman is an application for easier fleet management, built on Power Platform (see When implementing the application in your organisation, there is no need to start from scratch and enter all your existing vehicle records manually into the new system. Use the data migration service. It's easy and efficient, using our templates and a guided step-by-step approach.

Migration takes place with the help of our migration templates in the form of Microsoft Excel files.

There are specific aspects to the process that are established during the initial meeting. The population of migration templates with data is fully at the customer's responsibility. The customer then hands the completed migration templates over to us to be imported into the system.

If the supplied data does not correspond to migration template logic, the customer will be prompted to modify them.

For the FLEETMAN product, we provide migration templates for the following record types by default: • Vehicle models • Vehicles • Vehicle contracts • Drivers • Business relationships • Contacts • Insurance policies • Fueling cards

The migration process is typically divided into several phases:

Phase 1 o Vehicle models o Drivers o Business relationships

Phase 2 o Insurance policies o Contacts

Phase 3 o Vehicles

**Phase 4 ** o Contracts o Fueling cards

We do understand migration as a one-time transfer of data of the above entities. The result is data populated with the above record types. The recommended procedure is the gradual handover of the completed migration templates for the review, according to the individual phases listed above. This eliminates shortcomings in completing the templates for the next stages.

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