Power Apps Consulting: 1-Week Proof Of Concept

Xekera Systems Inc

Create highly interactive corporate applications quickly to modernize your business processes with our Microsoft 365 power apps developers

Microsoft 365 offers many possibilities for solving complex business challenges with low-code applications. In order to test those possibilities in the real world, the Microsoft 365 Power Apps Proof of Concept is your next step. Our Microsoft 365 Power Apps Proof of Concept is a week-long engagement that will help you build out a solution for a use case you identify with the help of a Power Platform architect. To begin, we will examine the identified challenge, the solution concept, your existing processes, user personas, and your environment within Office 365. After that, we'll decide what can realistically be achieved during the Proof of Concept (POC) phase and determine how further expansion can be achieved.

We offer integration services for PowerApps with the following other services:
Salesforce (Boost Sales and Marketing)
SharePoint (Enhance employee Collaboration)
Ariba (Maximize procurement processes)
ServiceNow (Improve customer service operations )
SAP (Improve inventory management and visibility into warehouse activities.)
Legacy Systems (automate functions, validating data, and streamlining workflows)

Invest One- Week in your business's future
In just a week, you will learn how to make Power Platform solutions work for your business in a practical, value-driven way. Once the workshop is over, we will support you to develop and implement Power Platform solutions.

One-Week Program Agenda

  1. Review our clients' current business processes and demonstration on how to use Microsoft PowerApps
  2. Identify use cases that our clients would like to tackle based on an understanding of their business process
  3. Creating and integrating business process workflows with PowerApps
  4. Final walk-through and planning of future steps following the testing and training
  5. Analyzing our client's future digital transformation requirements and the scope of our solution

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