Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade


Upgrade services for your Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you want to migrate your Microsoft Dynamics AX system to an on-premise or cloud-based Dynamics 365, this upgrade service is for you. Our task is to guide you through the entire upgrade procedure, providing the specifics of the process, data, and recommendations that are the basis for making decisions. We have developed a unique approach to planning and carrying out the update process.

Upgrade benefits


The cloud-based platform facilitates the use of SoLoMo (social, local and mobile), which allows you to support business development – production, warehouse, and sales, using mobile technology.

Standardized and global

Your company can standardize processes and solutions with a dispersed, multidimensional, and multinational structure without geographical barriers.

Digitized relations

You can also broadly digitize the management of relationships with business partners and implement a VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory).

How it’s done

Our methodology combines Microsoft’s recommendations and practices with our know-how based on many years of experience. We extend Standard Migration Assessment with Custom Migration Assessment to allow an analysis of special customer requirements and adjusting the upgrade process accordingly. We use expert knowledge and know-how to reduce upgrade costs and duration, and at the same time to identify business and technical areas to be improved. ‍Our method supports multinational companies via hybrid and iterative upgrade processes to mitigate any risks related to a Big Bang approach.

What you get at the end

  1. Upgraded Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, strictly adapted to your business needs and expectations

  2. Full documentation of your business processes

  3. Regression and performance tests

  4. Becoming part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 One Version program

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