PowerApps in a box: 4 week implementation

YASH Technologies

Empowers the management team and support staff to enable and build powerful and highly flexible set of applications to analyze data, automate and optimize business processes using PowerApps.

To automate processes involving manual force and need for automation, data visualization and reporting, collaboration and more. which could involve teams - field workers, management team and even customers & the cases can range from the relatively simple to the highly complex.

Yash team will perform the following activities ( each category will have its own timelines, activities & price)

Bronze - 4 weeks

  • Requirements understanding & analysis
  • Discussion with business and sign off
  • Setup SharePoint list and libraries not more than 15 fields
  • 1 screen with add, edit, view and dashboard
  • Email notifications
  • File attachments
  • Data storage in SharePoint online
  • Search, filter, sort on dashboard screens
  • One-week hypercare

Silver Category - 5 weeks and Gold Category - 7 weeks. Please refer the attachment on the link ' PoweApps in a box' on the ' Additional information' section.

Following are the solution benefits

  • Smart phone ready app
  • Integrate with SharePoint and M365 apps
  • Return of investment is faster than other development platforms
  • Easy for business users to develop an app who have excel background
  • Low code/ no code platform & easy to maintain
  • Branding based on customer needs
  • Email and reminder notifications
  • Multi-level approval process
  • Easy to integrate data connectors and extensions
  • Cloud oriented service
  • Cross-functional experience
  • Easy access and use
  • Automate manual process
  • Post go-live support of an app for a week
  • Multi-lingual support

The main deliverable is Mobile / Tablet ready app.

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