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Easy flows for registering consumption, output - and great overview of capacity load and operations.

Shop Floor Mobile is the simple way to register consumption and output in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – and you get actionable overviews of operation lines, capacity load lines and production order lines.

Main features

  • Shop Floor Mobile is a flow-based app. On the floor you have registration flows that are simple for everybody to use. The solution guides the user through the necessary steps.
  • Registration is done easily with a scanner or by typing in Business Central on a desktop, tablet or phone.
  • The system automatically takes care of posting everything correctly – consumption of materials, output of time, finished quantity etc.
  • The flow-based approach makes it simple for the end-user – yet powerful for the heavy user.

Overview of Capacity Load and Operations

  • This is the all-in-one powerful overview for the heavy user. You get a customizable overview of all your production orders, routings, components, capacity load etc.
  • Filter the data you want to see – zoom in on a work center to focus on an operational line level – list the capacities allocated within a specific time period to do capacity planning – export to excel – or simply dive into production order lines – sort and arrange to get the overview you want.
  • This is the easy and actionable overview of production order lines, capacity load lines and operation lines.

You can install Shop Floor Mobile in only minutes

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Getting started

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Supported editions: This app supports the Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Supported countries: All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.
Supported languages: English, Danish

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