ProBatch 365 French Language Pack


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Get the most out of Yaveon Probatch 365 in French

This product offers the possibility to use specific French business terms with YAVEON ProBatch 365.

ProBatch 365 French Language Pack, as a standalone offer, can be used by international companies needing to facilitate french users to use YAVEON ProBatch 365 with a french interface.

The language pack main features are:

  • Easy installation
  • Handy language switch
  • All commands, menues and pages available in french. compatible countries are : France, Belgium, Switzerland.

Although being a single app, all YAVEON ProBatch’s 365 apps are supported. The translation is enabled once a YAVEON ProBatch 365 app is installed.
Absys Cyborg is the unique partner of YAVEON in France for over 10 years.

YAVEON ProBatch 365

Yaveon ProBatch is a complete ERP made for the chemical, food, cosmetical and pharmaceutical industries and medical technologies.
The Yaveon ProBatch solution is completing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system, under the name ProBatch 365, with specific functionalities developed for life science industries.
Now, the users can evolve in a single environment !

Probatch helps industrial companies to optimize their supply chain and schedule their daily operations (purchasing, sales, orders, productions, etc).
The solution brings significant time-saving functionalities. Specially concerning planification of stock replenishment, inventory stock levels optimization and elimination of orders in trouble : Yaveon Probatch guides you during all the decision-making process.

The possibility to in-depth trace items, offering the best answers to the industry conformity requirements and make sure your data are safe and under control, Probatch 365 provides a clear vision of the co-workers’ access authorisation level to perform modifications on critical data.
The solution includes an electronic signature feature with a two level control system reinforcing the security.
Indeed, the several controls and inspections process provides the best quality guarantees, lowering the risk of errors at any steps of your supplychain process.

With Probatch 365, you can achieve:
  • Monitoring of batches from the raw material to the finished product
  • Monitoring of stocks, batches, containers and traceability
  • Manufacturing by formulas, recipes and protocols

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