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Error-free, hassle-free calculations, tracking, and payments in less time with SavvyComp.

Upgrade Your Variable Compensation Management System

Companies often manage commissions, rebates, royalties, bonuses, and SPIFFS through in-house systems built in Excel. These systems require employees to spend hours or days running numbers, and it’s easy for a simple typo to cause expensive errors.

SavvyComp automates this process, saving you time and money while giving you error-free tracking, calculation, reporting, and payments.

In our Free Trial Preview release, SavvyComp will allow companies to create and modify compensation structures.

Easily Calculate and Track Diverse Scenarios.

  • Handle multi-facet calculation models based on salesperson, customer, item, job, and user-defined field with a five-dimensional SavvyComp compensation matrix. 
  • Easily maintain compensation matrix rate schedules with compensation groups.
  • Backdate sales or make corrections under the proper rate schedule effortlessly with effective dates on each compensation matrix line. 
  • Perform compensation calculations at the sales document line level based on percent of comp. sales, percent of comp. margin, flat amount, amount per selling unit, or amount per base unit.
  • Define compensation rates in the compensation matrix per currency code with SavvyComp’s support for multi-currency.
  • Assign a currency code to a salesperson — compensation records will be calculated in that salesperson’s currency.
  • Adjust compensation for scenarios such as bonuses, draws, chargebacks, or correcting compensation paid incorrectly in a previous period. 
  • Create and modify compensation group plans quickly and easily.

Effortlessly Determine Salesperson

  • Assign multiple salespeople to individual customers, ship-to addresses, sales territories, inventory items, jobs, and SavvyComp user-defined fields.
  • Automatically split compensation between two or more salespeople.

While we continue to refine and add new features to SavvyComp over the coming months, we welcome your input in shaping our solution. Please use the contact us ( to give us your feedback — we’d love to hear from you. The Free Trial period is defined as the first release of the software.  With the second release of the software, SavvyComp will move to a traditional 30-day trial with subscription pricing. Please visit​​​​​​​ for more information.

Supported Editions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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United States

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This app supports English US language

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