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A fully integrated, feature-rich solution for manufacturers, importers and distributors.

Evo-supply is the most fully integrated, feature-rich software solution for manufacturers, importers and distributors.

Over the last two decades, Evo-soft's team of industry specialists and customer focus groups have created unparalleled functionality to help improve & optimise your day-to-day processes throughout all departments within your business. Delivered as a suite of modular applications, Evo-supply is the starting point for operating as few or as many application features as you need. Additional applications can be purchased and installed as required - as your business grows, so too can Evo-supply.

Some of the key benefits of using Evo-supply are:-

    • Enhanced base Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central functionality providing features that we have built over the last two decades.
    • Bulk actioning of sales & purchase documents.
    • Document control totals.
    • User activities working along-side standard Dynamics 365 Business Central permissions - for example "This user can modify a customer, but cannot change the credit limit field."

    • Assortment Types.
    • Inventory Status Codes.
    • Enhanced inventory availability showing (physical inventory, usable, available, free and forward free).

    • Enhanced bin blocking with reason codes.
    • Shipping configurations with pallets, cartons and contents.
    • Enhanced consolidated shipping.
    • Manage delivery bookings with customers.
    • Advanced proforma invoicing & deposit tracking based off the shipment values rather than sales order values.
    • Enhanced warehousing workflows.
    • Fulfilment Status to show the status of the inventory on records where there is an item number present.

    • Duty rate management by country.
    • Configurable duplicate item warnings by document (integrated to My Notifications per user).
    • Purchase document statuses.
    • Factory tracking.
    • Automated Alerts (plain text or HTML).

    • Enhanced sales approval processes, incorporating margin checking by line or by document, and approval reasons.
    • Document status tracking, along with enhanced role centres for visibility.
    • Allow items to be removed from margin checking during sell-off periods.
    • Hierarchical customer pricing to over-ride the standard behaviour of pricing.

Transit Management
  • Full container tracking; capturing incoterms, source & destination countries/ports, seal numbers, and contents of container.
  • Attach all relevant importation documentation to a transit order as an attached document.
  • Full date tracking & arrival estimation.
  • Full drop shipment management for users that sell direct containers to their customers.
  • Real-time vessel tracking with our online map.

Advanced Shipping
  • The shipping worksheet gives you a full overview of the orders you have on the system and what can be fulfilled.
  • Select the orders to send manually, or use the suggestion templates to have Dynamics 365 Business Central select them for you. Templates provided as standard are By Margin, By Order Date, and By Shipment Date.
  • Automatically consolidate multiple orders to the same delivery address onto a single warehouse shipment to optimise your deliveries.
  • "Mop Up" back orders to allow previously unshipped orders to be added to new shipments for a customer.
  • Fully automated mode to allow inventory allocation and warehouse shipment creation through job queues.

Dynamic Picking
    • Pick templates can be assigned to customers, orders and warehouse picks to determine how the pick should be performed.
    • Pick by Highest/Lowest Bin Ranking, Highest/Lowest Quantity in Bin, Oldest/Newest stock.
    • Change the default template during day-to-day operations to allow processes such as Pick for Speed or Pick for Space.
    • Full pick fail register to allow monitoring of picks that were unable to be completed due to missing or damaged inventory.

Supported Editions:

The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries:

United Kingdom

Supported Languages:

This app is available in English (United States).

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